Restoring all of your life with Ron’s Restorations

Restoring all of your life with Ron’s Restorations

New things don’t give me the same pleasure I find in restoring the old.  I find great satisfaction when an old tool or piece of machinery is restored and can once again be productive.  When I refurbish a tool or product to that “like new” condition there are several advantages.  1) It saves me time and money.  2) I already know how to put the item to use.  3) I have the joy and satisfaction of recreating a dependable and useful device or machine.

My father was an Iowa farmer.  It was at his side that I learned the pride of taking care of what I had.  I still remember his instructions, “Always maintain the machinery and it will last a long time.  Use the tools for the purpose they were designed and don’t ram around.”  My favorite personal quote is, “If you take care of it, it will take care of you.”

Our current economy demands that we find ways to draw in our belts and cut our costs.  We can use the tools and resources God has given us to make our lives exciting and fulfilling.  That involves taking care of what we have.  While we are making repairs to our homes, our cars and other areas of our lives – we should never forget to restore our relationships and keep them in great condition.

This blog is dedicated to show how you can use your talents and tools to make a difference in your home and life.  I plan to walk you through different projects I have completed and start you on your own projects.  I have had fun completing my own projects and I’ve learned a lot along the way.  I hope you can use my experiences and that we will both enjoy happy and productive days ahead!

Exciting restorations are ahead!


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