Make It Yourself!!

Make It Yourself!!

While looking through my woodworking tools I have a new pipe clamp set which has a unique design.

The design provides feet for the pipe clamp to be elevated and stabilized on the countertop. This makes the work piece more accessible and tightening is made easier. It is useful when working on top of the workbench.

My assortment of tools includes an older set of 3/4″ pipe clamps which I want to make compatible with a new set of 3/4″ clamps. Has this problem ever happened to you? I need to create a way to make my existing clamp set into one which provides the qualities of the newer pipe clamps but without the cost.

I have scraps of 1/2″ and 3/4″ plywood in my workshop. I measured the dimensions of the new 3/4″ clamp fixtures. Next, I transferred the measurements to the 1/2″ (thinner) plywood scrap and cut out four pieces, two per pipe. A 1″ O.D. hole had to be drilled, using an adjustable circle cutter drill bit, to allow the 3/4″ pipe to pass through.
After cutting out the plywood pieces and drilling the holes I mounted two pieces to each pipe. Now I have two used older pipe clamps which I can use in tandem with the new pipe clamp set. This project took me approximately one hour to complete and I saved myself approximately $20.00 plus the cost of driving to the store and shopping.
This is an example of using resources already available and having the satisfaction of creating something useful on your own. You too can do this! I would be interested to hear from you on similar projects you have worked on. The final and last step will be to paint these pieces so dirt and glue can be easily washed off.
I hope you have fun around the shop too!

Exciting restorations are ahead!


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