Work Shop Stools

Work Shop Stools
A friend of mine gave me two work shop stools to use in my shop. These stools are probably 30 years old. Obsolete? I don’t think so. Can they be shined up and updated? Yes they can!
The first step was to decide the purpose of the stools and my design.
·         Will I use the stools at the work bench or at a project on the garage floor?
·         Do I need comfort or durability?
·         Do I strip and sand the frames for painting?
·         What color should I use and what kind of paint?
·         Padded seat or no?
The decision was made to strip the stools to bare metal and remove the molded fiberglass seats. I primed the metal frames and selected some red farm implement paint for durability. I used scrap ¾ “ plywood to make a round base for the seats. My mother was kind enough to make a padded cushion out of black vinyl from some of her upholstery supplies.  I mounted a swivel under the seat cushion which allows me to sit on the padded stool from any direction. This keeps the pad from wearing down on one side.
Total expenses to redo both stools amounted to approximately $20.00. To purchase one comparable stool you will pay $60.00 or more.

New is not always better. Here we have renewed our resources, saved a bunch of money doing it and have the satisfaction and joy of creating attractive and useable tools.

Did you Know? – WD-40 can be use to protect silver from tarnishing?
Exciting restorations are ahead!Ron

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