Restoring broken wheel chairs

Restoring broken wheel chairs

I am involved in volunteer work with Wheels of Hope in Canton, Ohio. Restoring used items can become a ministry.  Taking broken and used items, restoring them for use and giving them away is a nobel and Godly thing to do.

Wheels of Hope is a non-profit, faith -based mobility provider of free wheel chairs through distributions in developing nations. In addition to wheel chairs they provide walking aides (ie: crutches, collapsible walkers and rollators) and durable medical equipment (such as much needed bedside commodes).

Their strategy is to collect used or discarded medical equipment and refurbish or recycle the medical equipment they receive. Once the equipment is refurbished it is distributed through established agencies who share a similar statement of faith and equipping vision for the country.

They began in 1988 with missionaries to Guatemeala, Mark and Sandy Richard. Joni Erickson Tada of Joni and Friends later became involved in 1993. Today, Patrick Rimke leads the organization furthering the outreach to those countries and people in need.

How exciting to see and be involved in the rebuilding of wheel chairs and other equipment to meet the needs of others less fortunate. My jaw dropped when I toured the large donated warehouse full of broken parts and equipment in process of restoration.  I quickly signed on to donate a little time to help in their work.  If you have any old medical equipment I hope you will consider donating it to this organization or some other organization in your area.

Look closely at this picture and you will see me.  I was helping to load a container headed for Thailland on January 9th.  We loaded 111 wheel chairs.

Exciting Restorations are ahead!



  1. It says a lot about your faith to know that you are giving time to help others. I am very proud of you!

  2. Isn't it so great when you find a ministry that utilizes your talents and fulfills you at the same time?! God sure knows what He's doing!

    Keep up the good work! And He will be faithful to complete the good work in you!


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