Cool Tool!

Cool Tool!
I am on the lookout for tools which are useful in the shop or around the house. I don’t look at tools that duplicate those I already have. I consider that a waste of time, money and space.
While Debbie’s parents were visiting during the holidays, her dad watched me repair a cord and use a tool that has been helpful for a long time.  Since he thought it was cool, I purchased it for his Christmas present.  It is a Craftsman mini premium folding lock-back utility knife offered by Sears. It’s small, useful and easy to carry.  It combines the usefulness of being compact but also the qualities of a pen knife or larger utility knife. It is small and light allowing it to be carried in your pant pocket or on your key chain. The blades are replaceable and readily accessible at Sears and most hardware stores.

Debbie’s father was so excited to receive this gift, that I wondered if I should have gotten him two of them. He has called me several times just to say thank you and let me know how handy it has proven to be. The neat thing about the tool is it functions well and serves its purpose superbly. Additionally, being a lock-back knife makes it not only safe but durable.   With wooden inlaid handles and for just $8.99 I recommend this tool for your toolbox.

You can trust me.  I will never recommend a tool that I have not personally used.  Recommendations will only be made when the design or use of a product is as good for my toolbox as it will be for yours.   
Unfortunately for us our Amazon link won’t work for this tool.  However, you can purchase it at the following link.  I am in the process of setting up an affiliate program with Sears. 
Guys….let your wife read this blog and maybe you’ll find this great little tool wrapped up for Valentines.
Exciting restorations are ahead!

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  1. Sounds like a good gift for The Calm One. I'll look into it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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