New – Old – Cabinets

New – Old – Cabinets

Several weeks ago a good friend and neighbor Gary called and asked if I would like cabinets for my garage.  He knew I wanted to upgrade the garage and that I didn’t have a proper work space for all my projects. 

“My next door neighbor is redoing his kitchen and he’s going to throw away their old cabinets.  Would you like them for your garage?”

“You bet!”  We scheduled a time for me to pick them up.  Of course, Gary was right there so we had four hands to get the job done.

The cabinets were probably two decades old.  They had scratches, pits and dings.  The counter top was destroyed when the kitchen was dismantled.  But I was thrilled to see what I could do with the wonderful gift I had received.

I rearranged the garage so I could start from scratch.  I painted the walls so everything would be fresh.  I sanded and varnished the cabinets.  I made a new counter top (still needs to be stained and varnished) and assembled the base.  Since the new cabinets are in a different place than the original work area, I began the long tedious procedure of going through all my tools.  I’ve cleaned out drawers, eliminated things that weren’t needed and made the space a pleasurable work area. 

I still have a lot to do but thanks to the generosity of my neighbor, Roger….I’m on my way to a new work station.  If you would like to upgrade your garage, work station or man cave…consider checking out the local Salvation Army, Restore (Habitat for Humanity store) or other places that might sell old furniture for less.  Restoring throw away items can be a pleasurable and exciting venture. 

My only problem…..Debbie thinks these cabinets look better than the ones we have in the kitchen.  So far I’ve been able to avoid redoing ours by saying…”Uh…maybe next month???”

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